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Without a Destiny chap 16
Chapter 16
The other Toa arrived after several minutes of patience.  Gali had wanted to ask more, but knew that it would just cause Ternian more pain to have to explain herself twice. So she waited until her brothers were assembled.
Ternian started to speak, then stopped.  She had spent almost the whole time she had waited in trying to find a way to say what she needed to, but she still couldn't.  Eventually, she gathered herself and spoke.
“You all know the truth now.  What I did, and why my team is... no more.  There is nothing I can do but apologize for not telling you myself.  I tried, Mata Nui knows I tried, to tell you.  More than once, I almost did, but I couldn't... bring myself to tell you...” She bowed her head, eyes tight shut, and lowered her voice to almost a whisper. “...I just wasn't strong enough.  I couldn't admit what I had done, that I... Mata Nui, I ended their lives, destroyed them, as surely as if I had sen
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Custom Ultra Female :iconklenda-valtapaz:Klenda-Valtapaz 3 0 Eljay from TTV :iconklenda-valtapaz:Klenda-Valtapaz 0 0 Toa Ternian Humanized :iconklenda-valtapaz:Klenda-Valtapaz 2 0 Still life--Prompt: Calm :iconklenda-valtapaz:Klenda-Valtapaz 2 2 Shoe in Cherry Blossoms :iconklenda-valtapaz:Klenda-Valtapaz 3 0 The Three Watchers, Colorized :iconklenda-valtapaz:Klenda-Valtapaz 0 0
Without a Destiny: Chapter 15
Chapter 15
Many hours passed, with Creala constantly looking after the ailing Toa of Plant-life.  Tahu, Lewa and Pohatu had also left for their villages.  Gali hesitated, but decided to stay with Creala and help if she could.  Onua volunteered to stay also after talking to Tahu and Pohatu, both of whom's Wahi's bordered his own, and getting assurance that they would look after Onu-Wahi for him.
It was almost dawn now.  Gali, who had taken the Matoran healer to one side, was trying to convince Creala to rest. But it was to little effect.  “You need to sleep,” she urged.  “You won't be able to keep this up if you don't get some rest.”
“Do you think that I could sleep, knowing that Ternian still needs my help?  Besides, I'm not tired yet.” Creala replied.
“There is nothing more you can do for her now.  She needs a chance to—”
Creala's head shot up at that.  “There is everything more I
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The Three Watchers :iconklenda-valtapaz:Klenda-Valtapaz 4 3 Going Dotty :iconklenda-valtapaz:Klenda-Valtapaz 5 4
Without a Destiny: Chapter 14
Chapter 14
Ternian's condition had mostly stabilized by morning, although she hadn’t regained consciousness yet.  She had begun to develop a fever from the venom, like Creala had been afraid would happen, but it was mostly under control.  Only time would tell; it had been a long night, but the greatest danger was passed.  Creala stood, relieved, and reported back to the Toa Koto.
“She should be true-fine,” finished Creala.  “She's always had an ever-strong will, despite what you may think; she proved that at the Plague.
“'The Plague?'” asked Tahu.  “What was—or is—this 'Plague'?
Creala looked puzzled.  “The Great Plague, of course, don't you remem—” Then her gaze cleared.  “Oh, that was long-before you arrived.  It was fifty years ago, by now.  I'd forgotten that you wouldn't have heard-known of it; No one likes speak-talking about it—especially not Ternian,
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Without a Destiny: Chapter 13
Chapter 13
“Evidently, if Pohatu's right, the two Nui-Jaga were never really what they seemed to be, but the protodermis revealed them for what they truly were,” Onua mused aloud as the clouds began to fade,   “But the only questions now are:  what, or who, disguised them, and why?  Where's the other one, and where's Ternian?  It's been almost an hour since you came to tell us she'd disappeared.”  The group had moved closer to the center of the island, planning to tell the Turaga
“We can't wait for her.” said Tahu. “It is essential that we find the other Nui-Jaga, before it gets to one of our villages.  Unprepared, even Ta-Koto would stand little chance against such a beast.  We must—”
The Toa Koto spun around to see Toa Ternian, leaning heavily on her staff, standing in the shadows at the edge of the treeline with her brown cloak wrapped around her.  There were st
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Without a Destiny: Chapter 12
Chapter 12
The Onu-Mangai was holding off the mutant Rahi, which was no small feat; the sheer appearance of the beast was truly terrifying.  The scorpion was almost twice as big as it had been before, and its tail, instead of a single spine, bore two curved, sharp prongs.  The clawed arms were massive and sinewy, with rough spines, and the claws had a strange extra digit, and were clearly filled with venom.  Its hide was thick and bright green, and it advanced on Korgot with a shuddering shriek of hatred.  It knocked the star drill out of the protectors hand, and delivered a lightning fast strike with its tail.
But the Onu-Mangai was called Protector for nothing.  She had spent decades training her mind and body for one reason: to protect the Matoran, as she had sworn to do.  With equal speed, she ducked, diving forward into a roll that evaded the blow, and came up crouching.  Korgot knew that she needed to get back her weapon, for that had been her a
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Without a Destiny: Chapter 11
Chapter 11
Kopaka glanced over his shoulder.  Behind him, he could see two figures following him.  The scope on his mask allowed him a better view, and he saw that it was Pohatu and Lewa, drawing closer.  The Toa of Ice didn't slow his pace, but continued forward on his skis.  He knew that the help of other Toa would be useful, but time was of the essence.  He wasn't about to let anything harm his people or his fiercely beautiful homeland.  If they were going to catch up, they could do so, but it didn't matter to him.
The two Toa eventually caught up with Kopaka.  Pohatu deactivated his jettarangs and sprinted alongside his brother, while Lewa continued in the air.  “Any sign of it yet?”  The Toa of Stone asked.  
“No.” Kopaka replied.  Sensing that Pohatu wanted a more precise answer, he added, “The trail is getting fresher.  We should catch it soon.”
Pohatu nodded, satisfied.  “
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Without a Destiny: Chapter 10
Chapter 10
The seven Toa began down the slope.  Lewa had offered to carry Kopaka down the mountain, but Kopaka had fixed the Toa of Jungle with a look that almost quenched even Lewa.  The Toa of Ice had then proceeded to leap down the sheer edge of the mountain, using his Ice Shield as a snowboard, surfing down the mountain edge at seemingly impossible speed.  Tahu had grumbled something about “Showoff.”
After a few minutes of walking, Onua called Pohatu over. “I think, with a little teamwork, we can make this trip much shorter, brother.” The Toa of Earth then proceeded to explain his plan.  Pohatu nodded slowly.
“Your plan makes sense.  Just one question.”  Onua tilted his head to one side inquiringly.  The Toa of Stone held his stern countenance a few moments more, then smirked good-naturedly.  “Why didn't you think of that on the way up?”
Onua laughed and shrugged.  “Better late than n
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Cartoon practice
As someone who usually draws in a fairly realistic style, it can be hard to draw cartoon-style. However I think I've settled on a style that I like. It's loosely inspired by Atomic Robo style, but it also is a simplistic version of the way I draw people in general. The proportions are a bit weird because I'm trying to see what proportions work best for this style.
Thoughts? I will seriously consider any non-troll input.
Chapter 16

The other Toa arrived after several minutes of patience.  Gali had wanted to ask more, but knew that it would just cause Ternian more pain to have to explain herself twice. So she waited until her brothers were assembled.

Ternian started to speak, then stopped.  She had spent almost the whole time she had waited in trying to find a way to say what she needed to, but she still couldn't.  Eventually, she gathered herself and spoke.
“You all know the truth now.  What I did, and why my team is... no more.  There is nothing I can do but apologize for not telling you myself.  I tried, Mata Nui knows I tried, to tell you.  More than once, I almost did, but I couldn't... bring myself to tell you...” She bowed her head, eyes tight shut, and lowered her voice to almost a whisper. “...I just wasn't strong enough.  I couldn't admit what I had done, that I... Mata Nui, I ended their lives, destroyed them, as surely as if I had sent them all to Karzahnii.”

She was silent for a few moments.  Then she continued, eyes still averted, but voice deceptively steady.
“There is a clear question now.  What will you do now?  I can't take back what I did, but you know this:  I am not worthy to be guarding the Matoran.   I cannot allow them to continue to entrust their lives to me; not anymore, not when I have already failed my own team.  I have endangered the Matoran too many times with my mistakes.  The best thing for them is that I leave—in one way or another—so I don't make any more wrong choices.”

“Then you are afraid?” challenged Tahu.  To be honest, he wasn't sure what to think.  He really hated it when his reality was turned upside down.

Ternian met his gaze evenly. “Yes, I am.” she said quietly.  “I am afraid that I will fail them also.  I can't—I won't—put any other persons life at risk again because of me.  I did it again with the Nui-Jaga; if not for me, the scorpions would never have found the protodermis—never have mutated—and would not have endangered so many.”

“It was not your fault any more than it was my own.” Onua interjected.  “In my opening of the cave where you were, the shifting of the ground made it easier for the Nui-Jaga to escape.  Does that make it my fault?  No,” he answered himself before Ternian could speak.  “It was an unfortunate coincidence of circumstances, or Fate, or the working of the Great Spirit for some greater good, for all we know.”
“You can't run from responsibility.” Pohatu added.  “The Great Spirit entrusted you with this Duty; he knew who you are, and the kind of choices you would make.  There's a reason for it.”

“It is not because of what you did.  It is only that you didn't tell us, and that can be forgiven,” Gali finished gently.

Ternian watched them.  Look at them, she thought.  Novice Toa, and here they are trying to help me.  She started to speak, then stopped and simply turned away toward the treeline to leave.  But her departure was cut off by an unexpected voice.

“Is this what your team heart-wanted you to do?  What Wenalhi heart-wanted when you true-promised him that you would keep the Matoran ever-safe?!”

It was Creala. The tall Matoran stepped forward, eyes gleaming angrily.  Ternian whirled around and stared at her friend as though she had been struck.  Maybe she felt she had been.  Then the Toa's eyes narrowed. “My team is gone,” she said coldly.  The plantlife behind her vibrated in agitation.
“So that makes it true-fine for you to give up on your Duty-work?” Creala shot back,  “To decide that it's not cost-worth it to keep hard-trying?”  She glared back at the Toa.  Even though she as tall for a Matoran, and the other was short for a Toa, then Ternian was still over twice as tall as her.  But Creala didn't waver.
Nether did the Toa Rema.  “You've seen what happens when I try!  I get other people hurt!  I can't allow that to continue, not anymore.  I'm just putting other people in danger.  The safest thing for them is that I stop, I can see that now.”
“You can't clear-see anything!”  Creala exclaimed.  Then she paused for a moment, not out of hesitation, but because she didn't want to say something that she would regret.  There was a stunned silence before she spoke again.  “You can't clear-see,” she said, slightly calmer now, “that the true-reason you're hurting others is that you're fast-holding onto what you did wrong in the past.  You hurt others by hurting yourself.”

Ternian stared at her old friend for several moments.  Then she turned away and began to walk toward the treeline.
Creala stepped forward and caught hold of the Toa's arm.  Ternian didn't turn to look.  “You would really try to stop me, old friend?” the Toa of Plant-life said in a dangerously quiet tone.
The Le-Matoran  placed herself in front of the Toa of the Green and forced her to look at her face.  “I would.” she stated.  “I can't quiet-let you leave.  You heart-owe a Duty, and you can't ever-turn your back on it.”
Ternian looked at Creala for a long, long while.  Then she quietly said, “I need to be alone.”  Her voice was ragged, uneven, and cracked.  Without another word, she lept straight into the air, past the Matoran barring her way, and dashed forward.

There was a long silence.  Then Creala slowly shook her head and turned away from her best friend.


Ternian continued walking through the thick woodlands.  Usually, she enjoyed being among her element, but the greenery around her didn't comfort her.  They know now, she kept thinking, they know everything that I did... Mata Nui, why didn't I tell them myself?!  The thought continued to echo through her mind as she traveled.  But something else was bothering her; the Toa Koto hadn't... they hadn't seemed angry at her.  Why weren't they? Her mind insisted.  Then she shook her head.  If they weren't mad at her for what she had done, they clearly didn't understand what she had done.  No one can understand.  I destroyed them, destroyed them all, Karz it, why—
Her thoughts were cut off as her mask activated, and she narrowly avoided running headlong into something blocking her way.  Something tall and imposing, with gleaming red-and-gold armor and a great Kanohi Hau over its face. “I told you,” she said, instinctively backing away from the Toa of Fire who had circled around and was now blocking her path.  “I need to be alone.”
“That isn't an option,” Tahu replied firmly.  “I'm here to tell you what, evidently, you can't figure out by yourself, OR understand when your closest friend tells it to your face:” He made a sharp slashing motion with his arm to accentuate his point. “You're being stupid.”

“What?”  Ternian was taken aback by his direct words.  “You know what I did; I can't guard the Matoran now.  I destroyed my own team, and I need to pay for it.  I was deceiving myself to think I could start over and put my past behind me.”
“So, you decide to waste your own life because you decided to put your teammates in a place you thought they would be safe?” Tahu retorted heatedly.  “That.  Is.  Stupid.” With each word, he took another step forward.
“You want to know what's 'stupid'?” Ternian shot back angrily, hunched over as though about to wrestle him aside.  “What's 'stupid' is that my team is gone when I wanted to help them.  What's 'stupid' is that I wanted my team to be safe, so I put them in danger!  What's 'stupid' is that I claim to be a healer when I bring so much suffering on others!  It's...just....Karzahnii!” She turned away angrily, only to find the Toa of Fire barring her way, his blue eyes blazing with flames as fierce as the fire he commanded.
“Any Ta-Matoran can tell you that when you get knocked down, you need to get back up again.  No one's knocking you down but yourself.  No one's blaming you but yourself.  If you want to talk 'stupid,' that's it!  Wallowing in self-loathing and pity and ooh, I'm such a baaaad person, I don't deserve, meah meah meeeaaah isn't helping anyone, just putting them in more danger; something you swore not to do.  So for Mata Nui's sake, and for theirs, snap out of it!”  

Ternian's eyes flashed at that.  She continued to glare at him for a few seconds, then averted her eyes, and Tahu could see that his words had struck home.  The fire in her eyes slowly went out.  “All right.” she said, voice hardly audible, “For the Matoran's sake.  I owe them that much.”
“Good,” Tahu said.  He motioned for Ternian to follow him back to the group.  “Come on; we have a job to do.”
He turned and started walking, not looking back to check if she was still there.  He heard a hesitant silence, then slow footsteps behind him, following him back to the Toa Koto.
Without a Destiny chap 16
....Now I feel bad about writing this angsting. xP

Okay, a clarification concerning Ternian.  She is Not a self-insert, and though I know she can seem like a Mary Sue I really am trying to prevent her from being one completely.  The other character's lives don't revolve around her, she has no animal sidekick (or "adopted animal child.."? Thanks a lot, fanfiction), she's not got powers beyond what the other Toa have, and she's definitely not perfect. And besides, amber eyes are what like four of the other Toa have, it's not unusual for her I swear! xD Woohooooo! 

Literally the reason she's female is because there aren't a lot of other girl characters.

 Though I am sorry that she does seem to fit into a lot of Mary Sue categories  (EG tragic backstory [though in my defence it's not just tossed in there as an afterthought, it's a driving force and defining point of her character, while with many Sues it's put in for pity points], friend to a lot of people, and petite-but-looks-tall is admittedly pretty Sue-ish), and again, I apologize for that.  Since this story I've RPed with her character a lot, and I've managed to get her more realistic and less of a Mary Sue.

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Start from beginning<<<

I do not own Bionicle.  All the Toa, Matoran, Turaga, and Protectors (Mangai) mentioned here belong to LEGO except those explicitly mentioned.  Ternian Rema is my own creation, along with her teammates, so please don't use her or her team without my permission.
Custom Ultra Female
If you haven't heard of Ultraman, it's a Japanese show that's been going on for... 50 years or more by now. I'd love to rant about this show, but people tend to back away slowly when I get started on this, so I'll just say the basics. It's about a species of alien called The Ultras, who are giant and have supernatural abilities, and in the TV show are played by people in rubber suits in a distinctly Japanese style known as Tokusatsu (people in suits in a set that makes them look giant: Godzilla is an example).

Since I had some spare time waiting for a class, I had time to look up some pictures and create my own Ultra. I'm considering calling her Ultra Nova. Because the show has people in suits, I put in wrinkles where they commonly occur on the suit.

I do not own Ultraman, it belongs to Tsubaraya, God bless 'im.
Eljay from TTV
I had to post this eventually. xP
This is the picture of Eljay from the TTV channel that I drew for him when he was on the BCC Podcast! Watch the video here (… ) and you can see the colored version right near the end of it. This was a lot of fun to do. xP
Work in progress
I was working on a project in class (the finished work will be posted when it's finished), and I realized, "hey, I could post the progress and process here!" And so here it is.

Lots of reference pictures posted anywhere I'm not working on at the time, pencil set in easy reach, I also had snacks there. And my teacher was playing Persian Hip-hop music (yes that's a thing, it seems), so it was a really good environment for me to get into my work with!

And yes, that is Death. I'll explain when I post the finished picture. ☺️


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