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Toa Ternian Humanized :iconklenda-valtapaz:Klenda-Valtapaz 2 0 Still life--Prompt: Calm :iconklenda-valtapaz:Klenda-Valtapaz 2 0 Shoe in Cherry Blossoms :iconklenda-valtapaz:Klenda-Valtapaz 3 0 The Three Watchers, Colorized :iconklenda-valtapaz:Klenda-Valtapaz 0 0
Without a Destiny: Chapter 15
Chapter 15
Many hours passed, with Creala constantly looking after the ailing Toa of Plant-life.  Tahu, Lewa and Pohatu had also left for their villages.  Gali hesitated, but decided to stay with Creala and help if she could.  Onua volunteered to stay also after talking to Tahu and Pohatu, both of whom's Wahi's bordered his own, and getting assurance that they would look after Onu-Wahi for him.
It was almost dawn now.  Gali, who had taken the Matoran healer to one side, was trying to convince Creala to rest. But it was to little effect.  “You need to sleep,” she urged.  “You won't be able to keep this up if you don't get some rest.”
“Do you think that I could sleep, knowing that Ternian still needs my help?  Besides, I'm not tired yet.” Creala replied.
“There is nothing more you can do for her now.  She needs a chance to—”
Creala's head shot up at that.  “There is everything more I
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The Three Watchers :iconklenda-valtapaz:Klenda-Valtapaz 4 3 Going Dotty :iconklenda-valtapaz:Klenda-Valtapaz 5 4
Without a Destiny: Chapter 14
Chapter 14
Ternian's condition had mostly stabilized by morning, although she hadn’t regained consciousness yet.  She had begun to develop a fever from the venom, like Creala had been afraid would happen, but it was mostly under control.  Only time would tell; it had been a long night, but the greatest danger was passed.  Creala stood, relieved, and reported back to the Toa Koto.
“She should be true-fine,” finished Creala.  “She's always had an ever-strong will, despite what you may think; she proved that at the Plague.
“'The Plague?'” asked Tahu.  “What was—or is—this 'Plague'?
Creala looked puzzled.  “The Great Plague, of course, don't you remem—” Then her gaze cleared.  “Oh, that was long-before you arrived.  It was fifty years ago, by now.  I'd forgotten that you wouldn't have heard-known of it; No one likes speak-talking about it—especially not Ternian,
:iconklenda-valtapaz:Klenda-Valtapaz 1 0
Without a Destiny: Chapter 13
Chapter 13
“Evidently, if Pohatu's right, the two Nui-Jaga were never really what they seemed to be, but the protodermis revealed them for what they truly were,” Onua mused aloud as the clouds began to fade,   “But the only questions now are:  what, or who, disguised them, and why?  Where's the other one, and where's Ternian?  It's been almost an hour since you came to tell us she'd disappeared.”  The group had moved closer to the center of the island, planning to tell the Turaga
“We can't wait for her.” said Tahu. “It is essential that we find the other Nui-Jaga, before it gets to one of our villages.  Unprepared, even Ta-Koto would stand little chance against such a beast.  We must—”
The Toa Koto spun around to see Toa Ternian, leaning heavily on her staff, standing in the shadows at the edge of the treeline with her brown cloak wrapped around her.  There were st
:iconklenda-valtapaz:Klenda-Valtapaz 0 0
Without a Destiny: Chapter 12
Chapter 12
The Onu-Mangai was holding off the mutant Rahi, which was no small feat; the sheer appearance of the beast was truly terrifying.  The scorpion was almost twice as big as it had been before, and its tail, instead of a single spine, bore two curved, sharp prongs.  The clawed arms were massive and sinewy, with rough spines, and the claws had a strange extra digit, and were clearly filled with venom.  Its hide was thick and bright green, and it advanced on Korgot with a shuddering shriek of hatred.  It knocked the star drill out of the protectors hand, and delivered a lightning fast strike with its tail.
But the Onu-Mangai was called Protector for nothing.  She had spent decades training her mind and body for one reason: to protect the Matoran, as she had sworn to do.  With equal speed, she ducked, diving forward into a roll that evaded the blow, and came up crouching.  Korgot knew that she needed to get back her weapon, for that had been her a
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Without a Destiny: Chapter 11
Chapter 11
Kopaka glanced over his shoulder.  Behind him, he could see two figures following him.  The scope on his mask allowed him a better view, and he saw that it was Pohatu and Lewa, drawing closer.  The Toa of Ice didn't slow his pace, but continued forward on his skis.  He knew that the help of other Toa would be useful, but time was of the essence.  He wasn't about to let anything harm his people or his fiercely beautiful homeland.  If they were going to catch up, they could do so, but it didn't matter to him.
The two Toa eventually caught up with Kopaka.  Pohatu deactivated his jettarangs and sprinted alongside his brother, while Lewa continued in the air.  “Any sign of it yet?”  The Toa of Stone asked.  
“No.” Kopaka replied.  Sensing that Pohatu wanted a more precise answer, he added, “The trail is getting fresher.  We should catch it soon.”
Pohatu nodded, satisfied.  “
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Without a Destiny: Chapter 10
Chapter 10
The seven Toa began down the slope.  Lewa had offered to carry Kopaka down the mountain, but Kopaka had fixed the Toa of Jungle with a look that almost quenched even Lewa.  The Toa of Ice had then proceeded to leap down the sheer edge of the mountain, using his Ice Shield as a snowboard, surfing down the mountain edge at seemingly impossible speed.  Tahu had grumbled something about “Showoff.”
After a few minutes of walking, Onua called Pohatu over. “I think, with a little teamwork, we can make this trip much shorter, brother.” The Toa of Earth then proceeded to explain his plan.  Pohatu nodded slowly.
“Your plan makes sense.  Just one question.”  Onua tilted his head to one side inquiringly.  The Toa of Stone held his stern countenance a few moments more, then smirked good-naturedly.  “Why didn't you think of that on the way up?”
Onua laughed and shrugged.  “Better late than n
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In His Element: Toa of Stone :iconklenda-valtapaz:Klenda-Valtapaz 6 0 Christmas Pointsettias :iconklenda-valtapaz:Klenda-Valtapaz 1 1 Post-it Note :iconklenda-valtapaz:Klenda-Valtapaz 1 0 Tonal Self-Portrait :iconklenda-valtapaz:Klenda-Valtapaz 4 2


Metru Nui sights - An Island City :iconiron6duck:IRON6DUCK 412 123 Howl :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 15,267 321 Poses Reference #12 (female) :iconanastasia-berry:Anastasia-berry 1,268 10 Mysteries never solved :iconzarla:zarla 3,116 495 Pose Collection 002 :iconwhat-i-do-is-secret:what-i-do-is-secret 21,264 859 Onua ties up loose ends :iconvrahno:Vrahno 177 87 Aito and Aki :icontheblueferret:TheBlueFerret 12 3 BG behind the scenes: Gali plays as who? :iconsaronicle:Saronicle 155 106 Toa Hahli Inika :iconquynzel:QuynzeL 205 29 Kings of the Jungle :iconuncle-k:uncle-k 39 2 Natalie 4 :iconericgroff:EricGroff 60 14 Ms Frizzle :iconscarecrow113:Scarecrow113 123 32 Doctor Who and the Secret Time Lords :icontravisthegeek:TravisTheGeek 611 225 RIP Bonkles :icontaibu-kettu:Taibu-Kettu 27 4 30 day challenge - Bionicle - Day 7 :icontaibu-kettu:Taibu-Kettu 11 1 Transformers MMD Checklist :icontakaramaru:Takaramaru 59 54



Work in progress
I was working on a project in class (the finished work will be posted when it's finished), and I realized, "hey, I could post the progress and process here!" And so here it is.

Lots of reference pictures posted anywhere I'm not working on at the time, pencil set in easy reach, I also had snacks there. And my teacher was playing Persian Hip-hop music (yes that's a thing, it seems), so it was a really good environment for me to get into my work with!

And yes, that is Death. I'll explain when I post the finished picture. ☺️
Toa Ternian Humanized
Okay, I'm not usually one for the "human Toa" thing, because it's so hard to pull off and stay faithful to the character, and everyone's interpretation will be different (for example, I imagine Pohatu 2015 looking something like an aboriginal Australian native, rather than a traditional Aussie). But I just had to try this, and it was a fun challenge.

On the right is the original Toa Ternian, so you get a bit of a comparison.

The outfit here is loosely based around her Toa armor/CCBS armor. But it's also got a bit of an "olden days" theme, because of the style of the trousers and the torso.

I just realized I left out her pockets, but eh. I'll either pretend that the pants have pockets that her hand is conveniently covering, or that she has a bag for her stuff that just isn't shown here.

The colors would be the same as for her usual armor, the only reason it's not colored is because I got carried away with the penciling technique I was trying. Ah well. xD

This took about three to four hours total, not including designing the outfit in one of those Manga-creator thingies.

I do not own Bionicle, but I do own Toa Ternian. To see who she is please read Without a Destiny. I will be posting more of it soon, really!
I swear I have a good reason for not having been posting a lot Bowerbirb dance 
Partially I've been keeping up with college and schoolwork and the rest of my life, but also, I've been doing a lot of character design for some of my own projects (Which I plan to one day publish if I can ever get it off the ground--at this point I'm still just having fun making up characters Wink/Razz ), so a lot of my time, effort, and art-energy have been going into that. Thanks for your patience!
Still life--Prompt: Calm
This is part of a two-picture exercise, where one drawing conveys the idea of "Calm", and the other shows "Anxiety".  The catch is, the pictures are of the same subject matter, from the same angle, with the same medium/materials. 

How I worked with that, which isn't the only answer, was to make this drawing smooth and even, with very little contrast.  There aren't many sharp angles, and the textures are smooth and gentle. 

When I post the Anxiety picture, if you want to see for contrast, the link will be here!

Drawn with charcoal and pencil
Shoe in Cherry Blossoms
This was a college assignment originally (The prompt being draw a shoe in an appealing way), and turned into something I feel stands pretty well on its own.

Also, 100th deviation!!! Well that happened!

This took about 7-8 hours of work; 3 for the shoe, 3 for the branches, and the rest for the background and tweaking.

I'd forgotten how much fun cherry blossoms are to draw.  The shoe was one I had physically in the studeo with me, and I printed the reference picture from Google.


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